Obesity Patients Different Countries of the world's why they prefer to Turkey?

General Surgeon's Mediline Hospital from the central position for health in Eastern Anatolia Expert Doctor Fatih EROL from abroad in recent years for the treatment of obesity, noting that there were an increase in the number of patients coming to Turkey, "I would argue that as a physician we düzeyd quite top in Turkish medicine " said.

“Obesity is really a disease. It is considered an important disease especially in the last 10 years. We are making an obesity treatment plan, provided that we take measures to ensure healthy weight loss. A lot of sick people are coming from abroad. America, Australia and the Netherlands are among the firsts in the ranking of countries. We accept many patients  because Turkey's medical level is very high. We achieve extremely successful results in such surgeries and send healthy people back to their countries."

Why are they coming to Turkey for obesity treatment from abroad?

 "As a physician I claim the best treatment is held in Turkey. Turkish medicine is quite on top. Our patients abroad like us not only for being cheaper place but they also see it as a holiday and come to us as a result of reaching the good physician. You may think of it like a health tourism. Our hospitals and physicians are very good and Turkish medicine is well above the world standards. It reveals the reality of Atatürk's "Entrust Me to Turkish Physicians" words.

Mediline Hospital General Surgery Specialist Fatih Erol stated that they recommended surgery for obesity patients who could not lose weight with their own efforts and said, "Many of our patients consider the day they are operated as their birthdays. Their quality of life increases a lot."

The World Health Organization and Ministry of Health considered obesity as the epidemic illness, Erol says "Obesity rates in Turkey, according to surveys, is considered to be 40 percent among women and 21 percent among men. Turkey`s obese state is 30 percent on the average," he said. Erol stated that they are planning surgery for patients with a body mass index over 40, "Patients who cannot lose weight with their own skills, diet, sports, exercise and medical treatment, prefer obesity surgeries as a last resort. We get good results. Our patients lose weight and begin to look at life from a new perspective. Many of our patients consider the day they are operated on as their birthdays. Their quality of life is increasing a lot. "They increase their self-confidence together. Besides, they can take pictures more easily and blend into people more easily." Noting that they perform bipartition surgeries for diabetics with gastric tube, gastric by-pass, Erol said, "We perform all these surgeries with closed method".

Erol said that many patients come from abroad and from different parts of Turkey, "We have patients mainly from Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya provinces of Turkey who come to Elazig.

Also, patients from abroad from Germany, Holland, France, Turkish Republics, Austria and Middle East Countries prefer us. "We discharge our patients with successful operations," he said.

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